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Wouldn’t it be great if your bank offered more than an automated email, and used language that we could all actually understand? We get it—sometimes you just want a simple answer to a simple question, and you want it in less than five business days. Join the conversation at #BigBankingChat.

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They say money makes the world go round

Find out how by taking a financial fact-finding trip with our interactive map.

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When you think about money, how does it make you feel?

Our data wizards have been gathering research and speaking to customers. We wanted to know: what keeps you up at night? And how can banks help people manage their money and achieve their goals?

The outcome? Seven financial tribes.

Choose yours and get tailored tips to help you navigate your finances.

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Your questions, expertly answered.

Sometimes we all need a little help when it comes to our finances. And let's face it, there's so much unnecessary jargon that it's easy to get lost.

We asked you to share your biggest banking bugbears and the questions you needed a little help with. Like, how is a digital bank different and is my money safe in one? We then drafted in our N26 in-house experts. Here's Kelly from N26 Ireland...

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The big banking chat.

The Big Banking Chat—it’s time to talk money

Personal finance doesn’t have to be a complex topic. With The Big Banking Chat, we’re aiming to change the way you view banking. Let’s talk money.

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The Big Banking Chat: What banking jargon really means

We tackle some of the most hard-to-understand jargon used by banks, and explain what it really means.

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The Big Banking Chat: How to talk to your bank

No one should be scared of starting a conversation with their bank—here’s our guide on doing it with confidence.

Your bank account should fit in around your life

Lost your card cycling into town? Want to split the bill without having that awkward chat about who owes what for dinner? Or do you just want to save up for that new sofa you’ve had your eye on?

Find out how people like you are solving everyday financial challenges with their N26 bank account.

Watch it in action and discover how banking with N26 is smart, transparent and simple.

Want to be rewarded by your bank with offers at the stores you know and love? Need some reassurance that you’re insured at home and while traveling? Or maybe you just want to make fuss-free international transfers that suit your schedule.

Explore the benefits that are helping people just like you streamline their day-to-day, without the extra money management worries

We asked people to tell us how they manage their money

If you’re anything like most of the global population, chances are you’re worrying about your finances. What’s more, you’d probably rather visit the dentist than talk to the bank. Well, you’re not alone—we asked 10,000 of you to share your plans, worries and goals with us.

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Banking with N26: smart, transparent, simple.

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