Bank account N26: why is it better than Fineco?

14 reasons to choose N26 over Fineco, with the advantage to have a bank account manageable from your smartphone

Compare N26 with Fineco

N26 vs. Fineco: fixed costs

Card delivery cost0€2.25€

N26 vs. Fineco: variable costs

Withdrawal fees BANCOMAT ATMs (up to 99€)0€0.80€
Withdrawal fees other Italian ATMs (no BANCOMAT)0€1.45€
Withdrawal fees in the eurozone0€1.45€
Costs of generating a new card0€7.95€

N26 vs. Fineco: limits

Daily limit for withdrawals2,500€500€
Monthly limit for withdrawals20,000€5,000€
Daily limit for payments5,000€500€
Monthly limit for payments20,000€5,000€

N26 vs. Fineco: other characteristics

Open the account in 8 min through the AppYesNo
Choose and edit your PIN through the AppYesNo
Transactions App notifications includedYesNo
Apple Pay IntegrationYesNo
TransferWise IntegrationYesNo

*Data obtained from the pre-contractual information sheet in June 2018

Pre-contractual information sheet Fineco

Pre-contractual information sheet N26