Bank account N26: why is it more convenient than Widiba?

In N26 we appreciate the transparency, especially when it comes to costs. A bank must be clear with his customers: 10 reasons to choose N26 over Widiba*

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N26 vs. Widiba: Fixed costs

N26Conto Widiba
Yearly fee Mastercard/Visa0€20.00€

N26 vs. Widiba: Variable costs

N26Conto Widiba
Fees on withdrawals in Italy for amounts equal or lower than 100€0€1€
Fees on withdrawals in the euro zone for amounts equal or lower than 100€0€1€
Fees on withdrawals with Mastercard / Visa in Italy and euro zone0€4%, minimum charge 2.50€
Fees on withdrawals with Mastercard / Visa out of euro zone1.7%4%, minimum charge 2.50€

N26 vs. Widiba: Limits

N26Conto Widiba
Daily limit for withdrawals in Italy and abroad2,500€1,500€
Plafond Mastercard/VisaUnlimited1,500€

N26 vs. Widiba: Other characteristics

N26Conto Widiba
Stats in the AppYesNo
Instant transfers to your Contacts who are customers of your bankYesNo
Belonging to Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, recapitalised thanks to the action of the Italian governmentNoYes

*Data obtained from the official Fogli Informativi in June 2018

Foglio Informativo Widiba

Foglio Informativo N26

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