Bank account N26: why is it better than Revolut

7 reasons to choose N26 over Revolut, with the advantage to have a bank account manageable from your smartphone

Compare N26 with Revolut

N26 vs. Revolut: variable costs

Price of VISA card0€5.99€
Card delivery cost0€5.99€
Total cost of getting a card0€11.98€
Withdrawal fee0€2% after 200 €/month

N26 vs. Revolut: limits

Free monthly withdrawal20,000€200€

N26 vs. Revolut: other characteristics

European banking licenceYesNo
TransferWise integrationYesNo
Apple Pay IntegrationYesNo

*Data obtained from the legal agreement section of Revolout website, updated in June 2018

Pre-contractual agreement Revolut Pre-contractual agreement N26