Money goals made easy with N26 Spaces

Dreaming about a holiday? A bike? New laptop? Reach your savings targets with a little encouragement from N26 Spaces. Create personalised sub accounts and instantly transfer money from your N26 account, all within the app.

Space Intro

See what you’re stashing

Whether you have a specific goal in mind or just saving for a rainy day, Spaces sub accounts lets you visualise your progress.

Separated account spaces example: Main one and Car deposit.

Make the most of Spaces. Get the most out of your money.

Add and remove spaces

Create and delete spaces, and move money around as often as you want. It all happens in real-time. Each space is a separate account.

Payments from your main account. Stash the rest.

Moving money into your Spaces keeps you from spending it. Everyday transactions in your main account carry on as normal.

Get a complete overview

Keeping track of multiple saving goals has never been easier. Just give your space a descriptive name and set an icon.

Set goals

Spaces motivates you to save more. Set a total on each space to help you keep track of how close you are to reaching the target.

Drag and drop: it’s already there

Moving money couldn’t be easier. Just drag and drop the amount from your Main Account. Spaces changes occur in real-time; and you can open, close, and move money as many times as you want.

Spaces Drag and Drop


What actually are Spaces accounts?

Each space created with Spaces is a sub account that sits parallel to your main N26 account. That basically makes them similar to a savings account; they hold your money but can’t be used for spending or transactions.

Will my Main Account function differently?

Not at all! If you transfer a portion of your main account balance into a space, it will be subtracted from there and transferred to the space. Your main account will continue to function as normal.

How many spaces can I make?

With the N26 standard account, you can have up to two spaces active at one time in addition to your Main Account. But you can toggle and delete these as often as you want.

Can I spend directly from a space?

We don’t support that yet. But it’s easy to move money over from a space into your main account– just drag and drop.

What happens if I delete a space?

We’ll move the money immediately back into your Main Account.

Are there limits to how often I can move money back and forth?

No, that’s the beauty of Spaces! You get full control.

How do I see the total balance of all my Spaces?

In your Spaces overview. The amount is listed at the top, above your spaces.