Get extra spending power with N26 Overdraft

Activate in just 2 minutes and stay flexible with your spending. With no penalty fees and transparent costs, think of it as a financial buffer zone.

Overdraft Eligibility - N26 App


Check your eligibility in 2 minutes without any paperwork.

Overdraft Option - Icon - N26 App


Increase and decrease the overdraft amount simply by dragging the slider.

No penalty charges

Unlike some banks’ arranged overdrafts, we don’t charge you a daily penalty fee for using it.

Customize your Overdraft - Icon - N26 App


Set your own limit right in the app for easy control over your spending.

What is N26 Overdraft?

Sometimes it helps to have an extra line of credit incase your balance slips below zero. Whether it’s an unexpected bill or a one-off payment, N26 Overdraft is a flexible financial cushion to have.

Get full control of your finances in an app. Open an N26 bank account to apply for Overdraft.