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UK, we’re on our way. N26 is coming to the UK early 2018

N26 is coming to the UK! Starting today, customers can get early access by signing up directly on our UK homepage. Our expansion to the UK represents a big leap for us. Since our founding as a Berlin-based fintech startup, we have rapidly grown into a global banking player. Expanding to one of Europe’s main financial hubs is a natural next step for us. We’re excited to bring the same banking experience that more than 500.000 European customers already love to the UK.

Technology to make your life easier

One of our core beliefs is that products should be made to fit people’s lifestyles. More and more, people are using mobile devices to shop, stream, and manage their lives on the go. Banking needs to follow these trends and provide services that give people direct control over their finances. That’s why we built N26. As a bank built for an app, we have based our entire product around mobile technology. N26 combines powerful financial tools into a lightweight, all-in-one app that gives you full control over your finances. Changing your PIN, setting payment limits, and locking or unlocking your card and much more is all possible with a few taps in the N26 app. By partnering with companies who offer the best financial products, we are able to offer fully-fledged financial services like savings and investment plans directly in the app. Being mobile-first also means we built all our products directly for mobile banking. Where more traditional banks are forced to rely on legacy or third-party technology, we are in full control of the customer experience. This makes it easy for us to continuously improve and fine-tune our product for customers’ needs.

Sustainability meets flexibility

As a fully mobile product, we don’t maintain physical locations. This allows us to expand quickly all while providing the same services. So customers who live in the countryside have the same support and access to financial services as customers directly in London. We save a lot here and pass those savings directly to you. Thanks to our full European banking license, individual deposits are insured up to €100.000. Combined with the most modern security technology, customers can bank confidently knowing that their money is secure.

Shaking up the UK

With our launch, we are bringing a whole new banking experience to the UK that empowers customers and gives them full control over their financial lives. We also want to change the way customers think about banking. Part of this is a renewed emphasis on fairness and transparency. The future of banking is mobile. Be part of the movement. Sign up today and get early access. 

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