Youtube Premium showing on a phone and pink N26 You card.

N26 x YouTube Premium: your entertainment, uninterrupted

Ready to binge-watch anywhere? N26 customers can enjoy 3-months of YouTube Premium for uninterrupted streaming on-the-go.

1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents stack on the top.

How better budgeting creates better habits

We try to give up alcohol for Sober October or smoking for Stoptober, but how can we make sure these good habits stick?

Rebranding N26, new logo and new colors.

How N26 is preparing for Brexit

Whatever the outcome, your account is protected: we are 100% focused on ensuring minimum disruption to our customers whatever the outcome or timing of Brexit.

Money worries are weighing on our minds image with a brain cake on a pink stand.

Money worries are weighing on our minds

Do you have money worries? 18M Brits do, a 1/3 say it regularly affects their sleep. We’ve teamed up with Blinkist to provide financial wellbeing must-reads.


Become a master of money with N26 and Perlego

Want to learn more about money? N26 You and Metal customers get 50% off an annual subscription to Perlego, the online library for educational ebooks.

N26 and partnership image that shows a beautiful view over the tranquil sea in Greece.

N26 x explore more for less

Get ready for the holiday season with—get up to 10% cashback when you book a stay with your N26 Mastercard.

Product & Services

Thomas Cook goes into administration: what does this mean for me?

After UK travel provider Thomas Cook entered administration this morning, we’ve covered how to proceed with your next steps.


N26 x Lime: getting you where you need to go

With N26, discover urban mobility with an exclusive 50% off your next rides with Lime*!

Product & Services

Our premium accounts now come with even more exclusive discounts and partner offers

Taking personalised, premium banking to the next level, N26 You and Metal now comes with even more exclusive discounts and offers.

N26 How to pay for university blog image - many university students.

How do I pay for university without my parents' help?

From scholarships, loans and grants, there are many options when it comes to paying for university without your parents’ help. Find out more here.