N26 x Lime: getting you where you need to go

With N26, discover urban mobility with an exclusive 50% off your next rides with Lime*!

Product & Services

Our premium accounts now come with even more exclusive discounts and partner offers

Taking personalised, premium banking to the next level, N26 You and Metal now comes with even more exclusive discounts and offers.

N26 How to pay for university blog image - many university students
Banking Basics

How to pay for University without parental help?

From scholarships, loans and grants, there are many options when it comes to paying for university without your parents’ help. Find out more here.

N26 Series D Funding Announcement - 470 million dollars with Berlin tv tower

N26 is now one of the highest valued FinTechs globally

Our latest Series D funding round extends N26’s investment to $470 million. Here’s what this means, and what we plan to do with it.

N26 You

N26 You: banking just got more personal

Banking becomes personal with N26 You, your premium membership with a choice of card colour.

US Launch - Blog Post Header

Our US Journey Begins Today

We’ve made it! N26 officially lands in the USA today—here’s why it’s such an important step for our bank.

N26 App and a N26 Black card

Budgeting for beginners – avoid the end-of-the-month squeeze

Want to organize your money better? Our beginner's guide to budgeting has the info to help you out.


Say hello to MoneyBeam instant payments

Make secure payments faster than a beam of… money! MoneyBeam is the latest feature to arrive on the N26 app.

How to stretch your student loan UK

How to make your student loan go further

It’s true – the student life was never going to be a fancy one. Thankfully, we’ve got money saving tips to make the wait between student loan payments a little less painful.


It’s official, we’re celebrating 3.5 million customers!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve reached another milestone! Here’s what’s coming up next for N26.