The flexible way to grow your money

EasyFlex Savings

Earn competitive daily interest on your savings without locking it away.

Save flexibly

It pays to save with EasyFlex Savings. Maximize your money with attractive daily interest from our partner bank, and easily access your funds whenever you need.

Earn daily interest

Deposit your savings at our partner bank and earn daily interest at competitive rates. Your interest is paid every 3 months—keep it stashed in your EasyFlex Savings to build up even more interest.

Access at any time

Get quick access to your funds in just 2 working days when you withdraw money from EasyFlex Savings. And with no minimum deposit periods, you’re in charge of how long you save.

Initial deposit of €500

Deposit a minimum of €500 to open your EasyFlex Savings, then add money or withdraw from your savings as often as you like.

Pay nothing to earn more

EasyFlex Savings is free of charge, so you can wave goodbye to hidden fees or extra costs.

All your finances in one app

Withdraw or transfer money to your EasyFlex Savings in just a few taps, and check your balance or view your transactions from anywhere, at any time. With EasyFlex Savings seamlessly integrated into your N26 app, you’re always 100% in control.

EasyFlex Savings Interface.

Your money is protected

The applicable Deposit Guarantee Scheme protects your funds up to €100,000.

How do I open my EasyFlex Savings account?

  1. Open the Explore tab in your N26 app and select EasyFlex Savings
  2. Follow the in-app instructions to complete your registration application
  3. Confirm your T&Cs to make it official—that’s it!

Opening your EasyFlex Savings requires a minimum initial deposit of €500, and can take up to 5 business days while your account is set up by our partner bank. We’ll notify you when it’s ready to use—in the meantime, try out the Interest Calculator in your N26 app to see how much interest you’ll earn.

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Start growing your savings today

Open your N26 EasyFlex Savings account directly from your smartphone with zero paperwork. Make your first deposit, then watch your savings grow day-by-day. Don’t have an N26 account yet? Sign up online in just 8 minutes, and discover 100% mobile banking that offers everything you need to save, budget, and spend your way—all in one app.


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