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Tech Attack in December

Before December started we announced the big plans we had for the last month of the year.

Besides Overdraft and a growing CASH26 offer for Germany, we also brought N26 to six new countries across Europe. But that’s not where it ends. We also brought important technical improvements to life and give you here a short summary.

Customizable Limits

In the newly designed control center you find an area where you can customize your withdrawal limit. Many of you have expressed their desire for this feature over and over in the past. Now you can withdraw up to 2,500 € and pay up to 5,000 € per day with your N26 cards. Improved categorizations and linked transactions.

Maybe you noticed already - our “statistics”-feature is evolving with every release. In Decembre we improved the consistence of the feature. In the past, all transfers have been categorized as transfers. Now we use the reference line in order to identify the purpose of the transaction and put it in the right category. Send a MoneyBeam with the description “lunch” and look it up in your statistics.

We also solved a problem that, to be honest, would have never existed without our super fast real-time notifications in the first place. We are talking about linked transactions that are now tagged with a mint dot. Some merchants test your creditcard details with a minor transaction. Usually, customers do not even notice because money is charged and sent back to your balance only a few minutes after. But because of the instant nature of our notifications, you see each transfer right away and therefore sometimes you may get confused. Now these kinds of transactions stand out visually.You see, we are ready for 2016. But as you know already, we are not going to stop there. Look forward to many new things to test in our app very soon!

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