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The complete N26 guide to banking safely online

11 min read

N26 logo against a turquoise background.

Just because we make banking simple, doesn’t mean it’s insecure. Learn about the security programs we use to protect your balance and personal data.

2 min read

Keyboard and lock as a metaphor of Security.

Make sure you stay safe online by learning all you need to know on avoiding online scams with this handy guide.

7 min read

Stay safe while online shopping.

Spending more time inside? Shop smart with these online shopping tips

8 min read

Contactless payment with a smartphone.

To increase our safety, the World Health Organization has advised people to reduce their use of physical cash. Here’s why.

2 min read

Two hands reaching to grab each other.

Learn about social engineering to protect yourself against this particularly deceptive form of fraud.

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Don’t get hooked by phishing. Learn about this deceptive cybercrime to stay safe online.

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From protecting your password to locking your screen, read our 5 essential tips for secure mobile banking.

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Online banking has transformed our finances. Here's how to stay secure while managing your money.

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N26 logo.

Learn here what PSD2 is and how we developed N26 to allow open banking and a strong customer authentication process.

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An iPhone X with the N26 app open on it and an N26 Metal card laying on a wooden surface.

Find out everything you need to know about choosing secure passwords and PINs.

6 min read

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N26 has developed transaction monitoring methods that make our mobile bank increasingly secure against fraud. Find out more in this article.

5 min read

Rebranding N26, new logo and new colors.

We explain what phishing is, how phishing works and how you can prevent phishing attacks on your bank account.

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