Budgeting Tools.

Budgeting tools to get your finances on track in 2020

Budgeting tools demystify the budgeting process. Read on to find out how.

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Our relationship with money is changing—we spoke to our customers to learn more

We asked 10,000 people to share how their financial lives have been impacted by the pandemic. What’s keeping us all up at night?

An N26 logo on a Wheat colored background.

Money in the time of COVID-19: tips for better managing your finances

Handling your money amidst a global crisis isn’t easy—but we’re here to help. Explore our tips on money management during COVID-19.

Budget Spreadsheet and worksheet.

How budget spreadsheets and worksheets transform your finances

Discover how a budget spreadsheet can put you on the fast-track to financial success.

Contactless payment with a smartphone.

Cashless payments: a guide to going contactless

With so many of us going cashless, here’s a brief guide to the most effective ways to pay digitally with N26.

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Personal financial planning—tips on setting yourself up for the future

The best way to safeguard your future? Start personal financial planning today. Read on to learn how.

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6 easy ways to save money while you #StayHome

Even in financially challenging times, there are easy ways to spend smart and save more. Here are our 6 best tips on how to save money at home during coronavirus.

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6 tips on how to support your local businesses

Local businesses are the backbone of our neighborhoods and the economy. Here are our 6 best tips on how to support your local champions.

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What is an emergency and rainy day fund? Here’s how to set one up.

Give yourself some peace of mind by saving for life’s unexpected surprises.

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Saving made simple: 9 budgeting apps to make your money go further

Make saving simple with these useful budgeting apps for iPhone and Android.