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Banking Basics

5 reasons why all students should study abroad

Why study abroad? Going international is a fantastic way to further your professional, personal, and educational development. Learn more here!

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Technology & Security

What is PSD2 and what does it mean for me?

Learn here what PSD2 is and how we developed N26 to allow open banking and a strong customer authentication process.

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Banking Basics

Student financial support: a comprehensive guide across Europe

Student financial support is available to students studying across Europe. Discover the European student financial support options available and say goodbye to money worries.

Google Pay with N26 Standard Card
Product & Services

Go cashless. Use Google Pay with N26.

Go cashless with Google Pay—now available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. Learn more here.

N26 is launching in Switzerland

Hello Switzerland! N26 celebrates its 26th market launch

We’ve landed in Switzerland—learn more about our latest launch and how we’re taking borderless banking to the next level.

Product & Services

Apple Pay is now available in Switzerland, The Netherlands and Iceland!

It’s here! We’re pleased to let our iOS customers in Switzerland, Iceland and The Netherlands know that they can now add their N26 card to their Apple Wallet to use Apple Pay!

Product & Services

Shared Spaces Beta: a new way to share money

You will soon be able to share money with family and friends, all in one place! – find out how it works.

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Banking Basics

How to make money while traveling the world

How to make money while traveling the world, from becoming a digital nomad to teaching English. Earn while you explore with these top travel jobs.

N26 how to save money as a teenager - coins - photo by Steve Johnson
Banking Basics

How to save money as a teenager in 5 simple steps

Saving a lump sum of money isn’t easy, especially as a young adult. Our guide gives you a few pointers on how it can be done.

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Banking Basics

How to save money at university: 4 top tips for success

From minimizing living expenses to cutting day-to-day costs, we show you how you can reduce your spending and save money at university.