Your bank can be your favourite app

Open your N26 bank account now and get a free Mastercard. From your phone or computer in an easy, paperless signup process.

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Deposit - Icon - N26 Credit

Fee-free withdrawals and bank transfers

Withdraw money for free from any ATM in Ireland across the entire eurozone up to 5 times a month. We also don't charge fees for transfers in euros.

Real-time Notifications - Icon - N26 App

Always in the know with real-time push notifications

Stay up to date. Get a notification immediately after all account activity, including card payments, ATM withdrawals, direct debits and transfers.

Mastercard SecureCode - Icon - N26 Security

Secure and quick online payments with 3DS

3D Secure (3DS) is an extra layer of security that helps prevent fraud when making payments online with your N26 bank account. Just confirm any transactions in question in your N26 app and payment done.

Send Money with N26  - N26 App

Split the hotel bill with MoneyBeam

Send money instantly to contacts inside your N26 app. Our MoneyBeam feature makes it easy—just ask for their email or phone number. Tap send and your money is already there.

Customize your Overdraft - Icon - N26 App

Set your PIN and control all spending with your card

It's all possible in the N26 app. Lock or unlock your Mastercard. Change payment limits. And set your PIN. All without calling our Customer Support.

PIN Code - Icon - N26 App

Deposit protection

Every N26 bank account is guaranteed by the Compensation Scheme of German Banks up to €100.000.

Transferwise - Icon - N26 App

International transfers into 19 foreign currencies

N26 has partnered with TransferWise. You can do international transfers from directly within the N26 App. It's up to 6x cheaper than using traditional banks.

NFC Contactless Payments - Icon - N26 Apple Pay

Contactless made effortless

Apple Pay works using the NFC technology in your Apple device, allowing you to make contactless payments and breeze past the checkout in stores.

Touch ID Login - Icon - N26 App

Login using your fingerprint

Instead of typing in your password every time you want to login to your N26 bank account, you can simply login using your fingerprint.

Transaction Tagging - Icon - N26 App

#Tag your transactions

#weekend, #friends, #gift — Create your own personal #tags to organize your transactions better.

Relocation Support - Icon - N26 Careers

Your bank account in 8 minutes, at home

Open a new N26 bank account at home in an easy, paperless signup process. Immediately after you will receive your new IBAN. The signup process will be done thanks to a selfie and a picture to your ID docs. Do you know anything easier?

Customer Support in English

Any question? Reach our Support Center team via chat from your app.

Contact Customer Support

Open your N26 bank account in under 8 minutes

A bank account with features that make sending money, saving money and keeping your money safe easier than choosing what to have for breakfast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you verify my identity?

After you have validated your email address, you'll either verify your identity via a video call in the N26 app or use your camera to photograph yourself and your ID. You can see what type of IDs we accept here.

How do I open an N26 bank account?

You can open a N26 account if you’re at least 18 years old, living in one of these countries, and own a compatible smartphone. To start the sign-up, simply create an account in the N26 app or on the N26 website and confirm your email address. You can then introduce yourself with your ID directly in the app and then pair your smartphone with your account.