N26 bank account: why it's better for you than CaixaBank

Here you have some reasons to choose N26 over CaixaBank "Cuenta Corriente" account, with the plus of having a bank account on your smartphone.

Compare N26 and CaixaBank

Differences between the two accounts.

Table comparing N26 bank account and CaixaBank Cuenta Corriente account
Feature descriptionN26CaixaBank

The free N26 bank account for everyone

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N26 vs CaixaBank: Card
Cost of the card
0€Debit: 3€/month, Credit: 4€/month
N26 vs CaixaBank: ATM withdrawals in foreign currency
N26 vs Caixabank: International transfers
SEPA zone fee
in transfers in euros
Fixed cost of international transfers
outside SEPA zone
Foreign currency fee
Waiting period
until the transfer is completed
1-2 days7 days
N26 vs CaixaBank: Account opening
Less than 8 minutes, from your smartphoneInternet
NoneSubmit IBAN of another Spanish account

The N26 bank account is a free account, without minimum usage requirements or conditions, which allows you to manage your finances in a clever way. You control your money: pay abroad without commissions, transfer money to other currencies at a much lower cost than other banks, and enjoy the convenience of always carrying your bank with you on your mobile.

Travel, stay at home, buy and control your money. The N26 bank account is comfortable both for traveling the world and for your day to day.

Open your account in less than 8 minutes

You only need you smartphone and an ID. Open your account today.

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Source: CaixaBank´s webpage and Customer Service (March 2018)