World, say hello to N26

From the reaches of the Himalayas down to the depths of Death Valley—N26 is the bank account that travels with you. Save on fees, stay in control of your finances, and enjoy the view. Without having to worry about your money. Open your account now, and travel like you never left home.

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Fee-free: pay for papayas in Peru

Use your Mastercard and you pay what’s on the pricetag. Never pay a foreign transaction fee again.

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Unlimited free withdrawals

Have access to your cash across the world. Upgrade to N26 Black and get access to fee-free withdrawals in foreign currency.

NFC Contactless Payments - Icon - N26 Apple Pay

Contactless made effortless

Apple Pay works using the NFC technology in your Apple device, allowing you to make contactless payments and breeze past the checkout in stores.

Send Money with N26  - N26 App

Split the hotel bill with MoneyBeam

Send money instantly to contacts inside your N26 app. Our MoneyBeam feature makes it easy—just ask for their email or phone number. Tap send and your money is already there.

Transferwise - Icon - N26 App

Speak money in 19 currencies

With TransferWise, you can send international transfers in 19 different currencies. And that with a low one-time fee that is up to 6x cheaper than traditional banks.

Customize your Overdraft - Icon - N26 App

Set your PIN and control all spending with your card

All that, right at your fingertips. Lock your Mastercard. Set spending and withdrawal limits. One less thing to worry about while you’re out exploring.

After vacation is before the vacation

No bets about it: N26 helps your money to go further so you can start planning your next trip the second you get home. Open your account now in just 8 minutes.

N26 Review: Why Every International Traveler Should Bank With N26

"I’ve been using N26 for eight months now, and one particular word comes to mind when describing my experience: smooth. Over the course of these past eight months, I’ve saved nearly $1,000 in foreign exchange and ATM withdrawal fees, shed my bad habit of checking my bank balance daily and finally found financial peace of mind. "

— Jordan Bishop, Forbes (2017)

For frequent travelers—N26 Black gives you comprehensive travel insurance

And purchase insurance back home. N26 Black also offers theft protection on qualifying items even when you’re abroad.

If it’s on your account, your insurance goes with you.

Foreign medical expenses
· Delayed Flights
· Mobile Phone Theft
· Luggage Protection
· Cash Theft Protection
· Purchase Protection

Transparency, simplicity and an account that's perfect for travelling

— María

It's the best card I have ever had! I really appreciate the low taxes to make a withdrawal in a different currency, and also for transfers.

— Lauren

Handy for when I travel abroad. And for contactless with no fees!

— Carl

Time to start packing

Open a new N26 bank account from your phone or computer in an easy, paperless signup process.

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