N26 at 4YFN in Barcelona.

N26 at the Mobile World Congress: Our week in Barcelona

Busy airports. Taxis. Fully booked hotels and restaurants. And more than 100,000 people. For those of you who have ever been to Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), this might sound familiar. MWC is the biggest mobile congress in the world and it brings the city to a standstill every year. Naturally, as The Mobile Bank, we wanted to be part of the action.

N26 started its Barcelona adventure back in October 2018, when we opened our first Spanish office. And we’re still growing. Very fast. Not just in Barcelona, but also at our Berlin headquarters and New York office. In fact, these days we have over 800 N26 employees, coming from more than 60 different countries.

MWC week at N26 Barcelona

On February 26th, N26 founder and CFO Max Tayenthal traveled to our Barcelona office to answer employee questions. This Ask Me Anything event took place on the terrace of OneCoWork, where we enjoyed sunny skies and some tasty food.

That afternoon we hosted one of our #Talk26 events. As always, it was open to the public: anyone could come to our Barcelona office to discuss our products and the technology behind N26. Our Employer Branding Partner, Sarah Briddon, moderated a discussion between the main speakers on the panel: Georgie Smallwood, Director of Product Management, and Yoav Flam, Director of Software Engineering. We host these events regularly, so if you’re interested in fintech and don’t want to miss the next one, take a look at this calendar.

N26 4YFN Blog (1)

N26 at 4 Years From Now

The industry association that organizes the Mobile World Congress also hosts a side event called 4 Years From Now (4YFN). This innovation platform brings together entrepreneurs and startups to talk about how the industry will evolve over the next four years. 4YFN was founded in 2014 and this year welcomed around 600 companies and 23,000 attendees. And we were there, once again.

As a 4YFN sponsor, we hosted a dedicated N26 area at the event: it was the perfect place to work, meet other entrepreneurs, and even chill out. We provided attendees with some of the hottest commodities you can offer at a conference; namely, sofas and power outlets (with the added bonus of being located directly next to the coffee machines).

N26 4YFN Blog (2)

Brazil, we’re coming for you! After three days of hard work, networking and interviews with the media, 4YFN was coming to an end. For us, the last day was February 27th (and the biggest, too). Max Tayenthal appeared on the main stage, in front of a huge audience to share the N26 story and talk about our growth and future plans. To top it all off, he publicly announced our plans to expand our business in Brazil. After the US launch, which will take place later this year, our next goal is to look towards São Paulo. Brazil, we’re ready for you!

Franciso Sierra, our Head of European Markets, also had an opportunity to explain the role of N26 during the Barcelona Fintech City panel discussion. First he talked about why we chose Barcelona as the site for our second European office, and then he discussed issues such as big data and AI with other fintech stakeholders based in the city.

Good news travels fast

We launched our Barcelona office just 4 months ago, and yet N26 has already managed to develop a significant following in this city by the sea. But we’re definitely making our presence felt. If you’ve passed through Plaça Espanya metro station recently, you’ll notice that both exits are fully covered with advertising from our #26reasons campaign. (Meaning everyone who travelled to 4YFN by public transport was treated to an immersive N26 experience before they even arrived at the conference.)

If you happen to come by, upload a photo on Twitter and tag us (@N26ES). Let’s see if you can find us. It won’t be hard. ;)

N26 4YFN Blog (4)

After an exceptional week of talks and activities, the Mobile World Congress finally came to an end. When our N26 teams returned to reality this week, they were full of fresh ideas and inspiration and can’t wait to share this experience in our products and services. Stay tuned!

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