N26 and Fintiba

Always there for you

N26 and Fintiba are right by your side to make your relocation as smooth as possible. N26 is the mobile bank that lets you manage your bank account, spend and set money aside in real-time, 100% mobile. Open yours in minutes right from your smartphone, and start spending before your physical card arrives.

A transparent N26 Standard card.

Free card payments worldwide

Pay with your free N26 Mastercard worldwide without any fees. You'll get Mastercard's best exchange rate and pay as if you've never left home.

Headache-free bank transfers

Make instant, real-time bank transfers for free using N26 MoneyBeam. Send, receive or request money from your contacts listed in the N26 app, or add contacts with just an email or phone number.

N26 Bank Account Moneybeam example transaction.

Automatic categorization of your spending

Working harder on your hashtags than your essay? Tag your purchases, not your friends, for monthly spending breakdowns. Your bank account also uses artificial intelligence to automatically categorize your spending, right in the app.

N26 You Instant Push Notification about payment to an airline with two flight tickets in the background.

Always in the know

Splurging on late night takeouts more often than you should? Keep track of your spending with real-time push notifications to see where your money really goes.

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What's next?

Open your bank account in minutes and start using your virtual card instantly

  • 1. Sign up

    Hit the button below and enter your personal details in order to create your account.

  • 2. Verify your identity

    Please have a valid ID at hand. We don't have branches so you can verify your identity within the app.

  • 3. Add your card to your wallet

    Your N26 virtual debit card is ready to use.

  • 4. Enjoy your N26 account!

    You're good to go! You can already top up your account and start using your virtual card.

Fintiba and N26

Our trusted partner Fintiba eases your relocation to Germany with tailor-made online solutions. Get everything you need for your visa and stay in Germany within one app – fast, secure and convenient