N26 for expats—open a bank account in Germany, without a word of German.

Open a German bank account without any paperwork or bureaucracy, and without even needing to speak German. Perfect for expats, foreigners and non-residents from abroad. Open your account now directly from your smartphone in under 8 minutes.

What you get with N26

Deposit Protection Scheme - Icon - N26 Security.

A European IBAN

Pay rent, get paid, and settle your finances like other Europeans do. We’ll give you an IBAN immediately after opening your account.

N26 Mastercard - Icon.

N26 Mastercard—for free

Most banks in Germany charge extra for a debit card, making it difficult to make online purchases. The N26 Mastercard is accepted all over the world—together with other great benefits.

Transferwise - Icon - N26 App.

Foreign currency transfers: in a few taps with TransferWise

Send money in 19 currencies with just a few taps with our partner Transferwise. Everything happens in-app without a piece of paperwork. Transferwise is up to ten times cheaper than sending money with normal banks.

NFC Contactless Payments - Icon - N26 App.

Pay anywhere. Get charged nowhere

Pay using your Mastercard anywhere in the world—for free. We don’t charge foreign transaction fees. Whether it’s Mongolian tögrögs or Mexican pesos, it’s all the same to us.

Customer Support in English

Any question? Reach our Support Center team via chat from your app.

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N26 Metal - Charcoal Black.
Transparent N26 Standard card.
N26 You card, Petrol.

Arrive smoothly in Germany.

Open your N26 account in 8 minutes. And get on with what really matters.

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