10 December 2015Fintech

The end of the ATM begins

Six weeks ago we started to launch a serious alternative to the good old ATM in Germany: CASH26. But as with all our products: The launch was just the beginning. On the 22nd of October CASH26 went online and started with 3000 outlets where NUMBER26 clients can withdraw and deposit cash for free. The feature does not only save time and add convenience but also revolutionizes how we deal with cash: if necessary, there is now a possibility to withdraw with the smartphone only.   tweet-2_en   Doubling outlets Since we added REWE last week, the number of outlets has now increased to 6000 places around Germany. Thus doubling the amount with just one strike. And we promis, 2016 more opportunities will follow. Smart banking. However, our product offers more than just a denser network of sources for cash and freeing NUMBER26 customers from their card or the ATM - also the merchants are happy, as they - paradoxically – love empty cashiers at the end of a working day. By withdrawing notes you “digitalize” the cash and save them money they would spend on handling it. In the end, the whole economy benefits.   tweet-1_en   Help us to make CASH26 even bigger CASH26 works out and is another step to make the costly giant network of financial transactions more efficient by using new technologies. You can propel this revolution: use CASH26 and show the chains that early adopters love this feature and soon a huge mass will follow. Help NUMBER26 on its way to independence from the infrastructures of traditional banks - and help us improve the feature by extensive use.

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