13 June 2016Product & Services

Send Money with Apple Siri

Did you also watch the Apple keynote with great anticipation? So did we, as we cannot wait until iOS10 is released. More precisely, we are super excited to integrate Apple Siri in the NUMBER26 banking experience. With the new software system we will be able to provide you with something unique: transfer money with Siri.   Since NUMBER26 was founded, we have been working relentlessly to make banking as simple and convenient as possible for you. With MoneyBeam you can already send money in just a few clicks to your contacts using their e-mail address or phone number. The new iOS10 makes this even easier - all you need to send money is your voice - Apple Siri takes care of the rest.   “Hey Siri, please send €10 to Vincent for lunch with NUMBER26!”   And what exactly does that mean? Starting September, or as soon as iOS10 is available, you can ask Apple Siri to send an amount of money to a friend in your contacts with NUMBER26. You simply have to confirm the transaction using your voice or fingerprint. Sending money has never been so easy!

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