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March 8 is International Women’s Day. To celebrate, we want to shine a light on women’s empowerment. We know that this comes in many forms—from taking steps to narrow the gender pay gap and creating equal opportunities, to fighting everyday discrimination against women. At N26, we have been doing our part to combat these problems, starting by doing our research to understand the structural roadblocks inhibiting women’s progress with The Female Opportunity Index.

When it comes to money, N26 wants to challenge taboos. Why? Because they often prevent constructive dialogue, creating challenges for women and minorities. That’s why we support talking more openly and clearly about finances and income—we believe it’s the best way to showcase disparities and fight for income equality between genders.

Another taboo topic that we think should get more air time is women’s sexual autonomy and the use of sex toys. Despite being shrouded in secrecy, sex toy use boasts many advantages, like fun, stress relief, and variety—they even help you sleep better. That’s why we partnered up with Amorelie to offer N26 customers a discount on Amorelie products. N26 Standard customers get a 25% discount, while N26 Smart, You and Metal can take an additional 30% off. And redeeming your offer couldn’t be easier.

How to redeem your offer at Amorelie 

Simply follow these steps to enjoy your Amorelie partner offer:

  1. Open the N26 app and open the “Discover” tab

  2. Search for Amorelie in the “Partner Offers” tab

  3. Tap “Copy code and visit website”—your unique promo code will be automatically copied to the clipboard

  4. Happy shopping! Before payment, paste your promo code in the required field to access your discount.

Please note: The promo code may only be redeemed once per customer and is only valid for purchases of €100 minimum. For details, check the Amorelie offer on the N26 app.

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N26—more than just a bank account

Not an N26 customer yet? No worries—you can change that in just 8 minutes. With N26 you’ll get more than just a secure place for your finances—you’ll benefit from innovative features such as N26 Spaces, Round-Ups, and our easy access savings account EasyFlex Savings. Enjoy full flexibility, set spending and withdrawal limits, and lock and unlock your card with just a few taps.

On top of that, you’ll get access to special partner offers and perks with top-notch brands such as Amorelie, Reebok and Dropbox. Plus, as an N26 premium customer, you can take advantage of even higher discounts. Discover our bank accounts and compare plans—which N26 account suits you best?

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