09 June 2016Product & Services

Getting organized with #tags

How much did you really spend during your last vacation? How much of your money goes to delivery services every year? Our categories help you to understand the bigger picture on how you spend your money but we also know how important it is for you to answer those questions in more detail. Based on your feedback and requests, we’ve introduced #tags to make it much easier for you to analyze and organize your spending. Now you can add a hashtag like #em2016, #beer, #gift or #everymonth to track all your expenses across categories or for specific purposes and events. You can also easily search for them by either clicking on a tag in the details screen or typing it into the search box. Sound like a lot of work? Since we believe that keeping your finances under control should be as simple as possible, we pre-assign #tags for you (of course, you can always change our initial suggestion). We add for example sub-categories such as #books, location such as #berlin, time such as #weekend or #occasional for you. Of course you can delete them if you don’t find them useful or correct. Under the hood we’re also working hard to improve our smart categorizer to learn from your personal preferences. When you use tags to describe your transactions, delete pre-assigned tags, or change categories, the smart account will learn from you and give you better suggestions for categories and tags in the future. Stay tuned! Have more ideas about how to best keep your finances under control? Want a specific #tag-report in PULSE26? Keep your feedback rolling by submitting it to us. You can do so directly from within the app (Settings > Service > Product Ideas) or write to us at ideas@number26.de. Hope you enjoy the latest update! PS: For all data lovers We've added a csv download feature, a frequent user request, to the transaction screen in the WebApp. You can choose the timeframe of the transactions that you’d like to download. Unlike many banks that restrict such downloads to the last 180 days or less, we don’t limit how much transaction history you can view or download. Happy csv analyzing (or importing into other applications) to you!

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