11 May 2016Company

Different. Makes a difference.

We welcomed our first NUMBER26 customer in January 2015. Our vision has grown incredibly since then, as has our team. Today, 150 of us come together from different corners of the globe, all committed to making a real difference in the world of banking. While we’re different from each other in many ways, we’re also united in our enthusiasm for what we’re creating. We’re proud of this combination of diversity and passion, and today we’d like to share a glimpse of it with you. The video below was filmed by our communications team in our Berlin office using 62 of our own employees. We took 6 hours of footage and edited it down to an 82-second video. We hope this gives you a better sense of the people who are building a different kind of banking experience for you – one for the truly digital world. We’ll be sharing more about the passionate people building N26 in the weeks and months ahead. It’s great to have you with us.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snYNZdU1MqM

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