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How can a bank protect its customer’s deposit from fees? Read on to learn more.

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Max Brenssell and Jack Lancaster, founders of Plantclub.

Max Brenssell and Jack Lancaster founded Plantclub and deliver plants to workplaces. Here they share some valuable insights into the founding of their own company.

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Vincent Audoire and Rob Schumacher, founders of Feather.

When is the right time to found a company? Vincent Audoire offers some valuable insights into the founding story of Feather.

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The complete N26 guide to banking safely online

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New N26 blog user interface shown on mobile devices.

A reading progress bar, estimated reading time tags, and a whole lot more. The Website Product Team takes us behind the scenes of N26 Blog's recent facelift.

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Phone on table with N26 app interface visible.

Your N26 app is constantly evolving to improve your user experience. Discover what’s new with our latest app release notes from August to October here.

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Old gloomy bank building.

In this year of change, N26 has continued to support our customers through branchless banking. From convenience to hygiene, discover the surprising benefits of 100% mobile banking.

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Going freelance is a big career change and may leave you confused. Read answers to the most commonly asked questions about freelancing.

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Organizing your finances isn’t easy. Find out why so many people struggle to sort out their funds.

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Your favorite sports, wherever you are—with N26 and DAZN, watch all the big games on your device of choice. Here’s how to access your discount.

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Learn how to handle everything as a freelancer—from your anmeldung and health insurance to your bank account, residence permit, and more.

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N26 x adidas—whatever your goal, we’ll keep you on trac.

At N26, we want you to go further. That’s why we’ve partnered with adidas to bring you an offer on the sportswear brand’s apparel.

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