The app the world loves is coming to Brazil

We were born in 2013 to transform everyone’s experience with money. Nowadays, we have more than 7 million clients in Europe and the US and were ranked “the best bank of the world” in 2021 by Forbes. Sign up and get firsthand updates.

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Young and wise

We’re one of the top 10 fintechs in Europe and are coming to Brazil with passion in our eyes and a great legacy. This means you’ll always feel safe to count on us.

Money your way

In our app, you’ll be able to apply your way to deal with money. Customise everything in a glance so you don’t have to worry.

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Always transparent

Experience an app the way you know it should be: no hidden fees or secrets. Surprises? Only the good ones.

Organise your dreams on our app

Planning a trip? Wanting to renew your home or your closet? It doesn’t matter what objective you have, you can always create a Space for it. With Spaces, you’ll be able to create personalised spaces within the app to organise your finances the way you want to and achieve your dreams.

Fast, in app

Sign up and get early updates. When we launch, creating your N26 account will be quick and right through the app. Then you’ll only have to enjoy it.

And we’re building even more in Brazil

We're changing the way you organize your finances. Sign up and be the first to hear about everything we’re creating specially for Brazil.

Discover the app that millions around the world love to use

We're coming! Click below, join our waitlist and we’ll tell you about our steps in Brazil very soon.

By now, N26 is not yet widely available in Brazil, but we’re preparing to deliver an amazing experience also in this country. For that purpose, we may contact selected people who signed up for Early Access. N26 does not have responsibility for possible direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this page’s content. Subject to change. N26 Sociedade de Crédito Direto S.A., subsidiary of N26 GmbH, all rights reserved. The reproduction, distribution or promotion of any form of use of this content is forbidden. For more information, check our Privacy Policy.