An elevated hand holding an iPhone X in their hand with the N26 App’s Spaces screen open on it.
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Loved for Transparency 700x700 (US).

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N26 All rights reserved. N26 Tecnologia e Soluções de Pagamento Ltda. Subsidiary of N26 GmbH. We are preparing to offer in Brazil everything our customers already love about N26 in other countries. But at the moment, the product is not available. Thus, it is important to note that N26 does not yet operate in Brazil by itself or through any representative in any segment. No one is authorized to offer any product or service to consumers in Brazil on behalf of N26. Don't fall for scams! By signing up to our waiting list, you authorize us to use the information you provide for statistical studies, product development and business strategies. We may contact you in the future to conduct market research or invite you to test products or services. Thanks.