Meet: Gilles BianRosa

Chief Product Officer

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About Gilles BianRosa

Gilles joined N26 in 2021 as Chief Product Officer, and is responsible for overseeing The Mobile Bank’s global product strategy.

With two decades of entrepreneurship and product leadership experience in the consumer internet industry, Gilles has founded two venture-backed companies in Silicon Valley - FanTV, the first multi-service discovery app for video streaming which was later acquired by Tivo, and Vuze, the largest open-source BitTorrent application. 

Get to know Gilles

Prior to N26, Gilles BianRosa was the CPO of SoundCloud, where he transformed and scaled the product organization, re-centering its strategy around direct artist-fan connections, supporting strong revenue growth. Before that, he also held the CPO position at Samsung Electronics, overseeing content and services for Samsung Smart TVs globally, including its smart voice assistant, streaming services and new product and category launches.

At N26, Gilles leads all product teams based across the company’s international offices in Berlin, Barcelona and Vienna. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Masters of Science from the École Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées (EPITA) in France.

A deeper look

From his time working in Silicon Valley, to his desire to change the way people interact with money, learn more about Gilles and his goals for his role as CPO of N26.

“For the first time in my career I see an opportunity in front of us with no ceiling, so my wish is having as much of an impact as possible because we’re dealing with something that’s important to people: How they manage their money.” 

N26 Highlights

Take a look at some of Gilles’ professional highlights at N26.

  • 2021

    Joined N26 as Chief Product Officer

  • 2021

    Supported the launch of N26’s on-demand in-app insurance offers

  • 2021

    Launched new automated savings features that have helped customers save hundreds of millions of Euros

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