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Ever wonder where all your money goes each month? If there’s hardly any money left in your bank account after paying rent, utilities, subscriptions, the occasional mid-morning cup of coffee, and that overdue haircut, you’re certainly not alone. Staying on top of your finances begins with understanding your spending, but going through endless transactions, scanning your inbox for receipts, or navigating complicated budgeting apps can be time-consuming and cause headaches. At N26, we believe that managing your money should not only be easy and intuitive—it should be simple, too. Enter: the new and improved N26 Statistics feature, built right into the N26 app.N26 Statistics makes it easy to keep a pulse on your finances, with a handy automatic breakdown of your spending into categories. Plus, you can even track your spending against your usual 3-month average in real time, and get a complete overview of your monthly recurring payments—all at a single glance. Everyday budgeting has never been easier. 

Money in, money out, money under control

Keeping tabs on how much money you make each month and how much you spend is a great way to get your spending under control, plan for the future, and avoid unnecessary stress when it comes to managing your money. Trying to save money for something big? Statistics automatically breaks down your monthly income and spending into handy categories, such as ‘Household & Utilities,’ ‘Food & Groceries,’ ‘Shopping,’ and much more. Plus, with a real-time overview of your spending for the current month compared to your past 3 months, it only takes a second to know if you’re on track, or if you need to adjust your spending to meet your budgeting needs. 

Keep track of subscriptions and recurring payments

While some expenses only come once in a while (hello, new espresso machine), there are fixed payments you can plan for each month. But with multiple subscription services, gym memberships, rent, internet and other monthly charges, it can sometimes be hard to visualize it all in one place. N26 Statistics makes it easy by showing your upcoming monthly payments and their due dates in one place, so you can plan for the future, or cancel any subscriptions you don’t really use anymore.

Don’t need three TV streaming services anymore? Great! Remember to cancel one or two, and try putting the money aside to create a rainy day fund.

Develop healthy spending habits

Sometimes we’d rather not know where our money is going, but understanding your spending patterns can be a great motivator to start developing healthy money habits. With N26 Statistics, there’s no need to wait until the end of the month to know if you stayed within your budget for shopping, groceries, or ordering from bars and restaurants. Instead, get live updates on how much you’re spending daily in each category—and immediately know if you’re spending more or less than your usual average, so you can easily stay on track. There’s never been a better time to kickstart some healthy budgeting habits.

Your money at N26

Staying on top of your budget is easy when you understand where your money is going. Luckily, N26 gives you the necessary tools to monitor your daily spending right from your phone. With automated Statistics to break down your spending by categories, see all your recurring payments in one place, and monitor your monthly spending to keep you on track, you can reach all of your financial goals with N26. Sign up in under 8 minutes right from your phone, and discover modern banking that’s designed with you in mind.

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