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Employee Number 100!

posted by N26 • Uncategorized @en • February 18, 2016

We’ve not only cracked the 100.000 customer mark, but we’re also proud to say that now more than 100 employees are pouring their hearts and souls into making NUMBER26 the best banking experience in Europe.


So let’s introduce you to our talented employee number 100: Helena from our operations department.


On Jan. 26, our 1 year anniversary, we took a deep dive into several aspects of NUMBER26, including insights about our awesome group of employees. Check out the infographic in case you missed it. One indication of how quickly things are changing: when we produced the infographic we counted 17 employee nationalities. Just four weeks later, that number is now 25!






Have we piqued your interest in joining us, perhaps? Then take a look at our careers page where you’ll find 59 positions open across 9 departments. We have openings ranging from student interns to early career professionals to very experienced executives. So take a look to see if one fits your skill set, interests and career stage!