N26 Talent Program.

N26 Talent Program

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Reshape finance from day one

Our Talent Program at N26 puts interns and learning students into positions that have an immediate impact on our company.
The program reflects our nature as a fast-moving fintech company, giving individuals the chance to acquire and develop new skills—learning on the job and bringing their own insights into practice.
We hire across a broad range of departments, including Marketing, Design, International and IT.

Praktikanten sitzen auf Stühlen und Sofas in einem gemütlich aussehenden Tagungsraum.
N26-Mitarbeiter sitzen in einem Besprechungsraum an einem Tisch.

Opportunity driven culture

We put opportunity at the forefront—here you’ll have the chance to gain experience in a way not common in traditional talent programs. This requires a large degree of autonomy, support,
and—most importantly—trust in you and what you do.
You’ll get that here.

In a little over three years, over 100 interns have contributed to N26’s growth. Our Talent Program ensures this will continue and take new forms.

Jevgenija Zigisova.

The key word for N26 is diversity.
It’s the first time that I experience so many different nationalities and professional backgrounds in one place. Moreover, for me, as a Woman Techmaker from Latvia, the most important thing in the workplace is that female developers are very well-supported.”

Jevgenija Zigisova / Latvia
Frontend Development Intern in Tech

Guilherme Maueler.

“If I were to describe N26 in 3 words, I would say: collaborative, dynamic and inclusive. There’s a great team spirit in the design department, as well as a mutual appreciation of each other's work and a shared natural curiosity towards technological innovations. Also, there's a fair amount of flexibility, and a fast-paced environment, in which inclusiveness and diversity of thought are celebrated.”

Guilherme Maueler / Brazil Video/Motion Graphics Intern in Design → Motion Designer in Design

Victor Vonmiller.

“The learning curve as an intern at N26 is incredible. Since my first day, I got to work with so many great people from different backgrounds, that’s something I am really grateful for. You get an insight into many areas of a fast growing company.”

Victor Vonwiller / Austria
SEO Intern in Marketing

Astghik Sahakyan.

“N26 is a bank full of opportunities to achieve personal and professional development goals. Being a former intern, I can say that a team of talented and experienced people supported me at each level and enabled me to achieve my objectives.”

Astghik Sahakyan / Armenia
Banking Intern in Bank → Finance
and Controlling Manager in Bank

Natasha Hawryluk.

“Having recently finished my MBA, many of my classmates fretted about finding prestigious internships at consulting firms or large multinationals to jumpstart their management careers. While it is true that such opportunities give you vast experience, working at N26 also affords the ability to work on projects with impact from Day 1. Interns are given autonomy that translate into tangible projects and an impact that's observable at the end of your time here.”

Natasha Hawryluk / Canada
People Projects & Insights Intern in People

Dennis Müller.
Leute, die um einen Tisch in einem Besprechungsraum mit Glaswänden sitzen.

“I was an impressed customer first and that made me consider N26 as an option where to start my career at. Banks have always interested me, but I thought I needed a more untraditional environment compared to the well-known institutions. The idea of being part of a smaller company trying to revolutionise an industry of giants made me realise that applying to N26 was the right decision for me. This is because I think that the best job is not the one that just gives you a salary, but rather the one that makes you feel you are part of something you personally believe in.”

Radoslav Evtimov / Bulgaria
Banking Working Student in Operations (Economics student)

Ein N26-Praktikant.

“N26 enables young people not only to get a job and being independent, but also to learn how to cooperate in a work environment. I have always wanted to have the chance to get involved with something close to what I was studying and N26 gave me this opportunity.”

Agnese Ghinassi / Italy
Verification Specialist Working Student in Customer Service (Media and Business Psychology student)

At N26, talents and full-time workers share responsibilities, but also perks. What we offer?

  • Flat hierarchy in an authentic Berlin start-up
  • High degree of autonomy in a motivated and talented team
  • The chance to develop personal projects
  • Rotational assignment in another department of your choice
  • International environment (45+ nationalities)
  • Hands-on experience
  • Fresh fruits, drinks, breakfast
  • Paid internship
Weißer Hund und Leute, die auf einem Sofa und auf Sesseln sitzen.