28 Dezember 2015Technologie und Sicherheit

Unsere Lieblings-Apps 2015

If there is one thing that we really understand, it’s the current app market. So we asked our tech and design department which apps were their favourites from 2015.   Caroline, Designer

  • Overcast – the podcast app as it should be. “The best user experience on the market”, Caroline says.
  • DuoLingo – a pretty smart way to learn languages. “Pretty design and it actually works really well.”
  • UBER – "Great Usability". Something like the NUMBER26 of getting around in the city.
  • Google Translate –  “You just need it as a French girl in Berlin.”
  • iA Writer – “They do exactly one thing but they do it extremely well.”

  blog_apps-uber   Martyna, QA Analyst

  • EyeEm – “It gives an opportunity to develop photography skills by taking part in different missions. I recommend it if you are interested in photography and want to start selling your photos.”
  • NUMBER26 – “I can't make that list without it. I like it because I can easily keep track of my budget and expenses. I'm getting immediate notifications about every transaction.”
  • Google Keep – “The to-do app I trust to get everything done until the end of the day. Simple and nice design”
  • Feedly – “I have all interesting blog posts and articles in one place – nice design and really easy to use”
  • Swarm/Foursquare – “My basic "Where-to-go-out" apps. I like Swarm gamification strategy. I recommend Foursquare if you go to a big city and you want to find nice restaurants and bars.”

  blog_apps-eyeem   Ash, Developer

  • Inbox by Google – "Inbox makes it easy to achieve that elusive zero inbox with scheduling reminders and snooze features."
  • WhatsApp – "An essential app for any expat wanting to keep in contact with friends and family."
  • Swarm by Foursquare – "To check out local restaurants and share ideas with friends and colleagues, and lets not forget the racking up the points to get the highest score!"
  • LastPass – "Because security is important, you know?"
  • NUMBER26 – "What kind of developer would I be if I wasn't proud to use the app I work on ;)"

  blog_apps-swarm   Which ones are your personal favourites? Anything you cannot live without anymore or amazes you because it's just so much fun to use? Tell us what you like in the comments and inspire us for the next redesign.

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