01 Dezember 2015Fintech

Das neue Banking

If you're listing great bankers, you might think of the Medici (the Italy fans), the Rothschilds (the wine lovers) or Rockefellers (the New York admirers). We think of Steve Jobs.   When we develop a function for our banking app, we do it almost completely without bankers and lawyers. At NUMBER26, it's designers, developers and data professionals around the world who take care of creating the perfect product.   Designing a pleasant experience is our team's goal. We expect more from a transfer than simply moving money from one account to another. We also want the transfer process to feel smooth and easy. Those who have done their banking with our app from the comfort of their own bed or sofa will know what I mean.     quote-v02     Banking doesn't have to be as burdensome as glancing at a red-colored, quarterly statement. It can be intuitive and playful. The information about each transaction can come on its own. Man can say goodbye to the obligation to carry out repetitive day-to-day tasks, when technology takes over.   Banking can feel good if you do it with the right machine. It can ease our minds if we automatically always know what's happening on our account, instead of forcing ourselves to log in to online banking or have an account statement printed once a month. Always staying informed of our bank balance gives us a feeling of security, and the satisfaction of completing a task.   Steve Jobs gave us a lot of these ideas. He allowed people to learn to love interacting with the machine by making it natural and easy to understand. Because of this, when you're in a waiting room or on the train, you can now see young children being placated with iPads. And if man can live in harmony with machines, then man can surely live in harmony with his bank account.   Dear Steve Jobs, we live your ideas every day.   Do you ever get the feeling that you encounter Steve Job's ideas every day? Let us know "when" and "where" in the comments.

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