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N26 Updates: Sicherheit und Kundenservice

N26 Security Update

The security of your account and data is of paramount importance to us and a responsibility we take very seriously. We’re also constantly working to improve security. We welcome and solicit the input of external security experts to help us do so in our normal course of business, and we regularly “stress test” our systems for any potential vulnerabilities. We’ve recently been working in close cooperation with IT security expert Vincent Haupert, who alerted us to a theoretical security vulnerability. After consulting with him in our offices, we have since fixed the issue and taken the opportunity to make our systems even more secure. Vincent concludes his analysis with this summary: “To the best of our knowledge, all vulnerabilities that we have reported to N26 are closed. We want to emphasize and commend the responsive and friendly contact with N26.” As of today we know of no customers who were affected by the potential issue, and other than to keep your operating system and apps up to date, there is no action that any customer needs to take as a result of the fix. If you’re interested in more of the technical details, you can find them here. We’re also launching a new Bug Bounty program, a common security best practice used by the world’s largest digital companies like Google and Facebook. We’ll award prizes to security researchers who inform us about bugs or vulnerabilities, so that we can fix them before any damage can be done. We appreciate the assistance of Vincent in helping us constantly improve, and we appreciate the trust and confidence that each customer places in us to keep their account and money secure. You also play an important part in security. As a general rule, to stay safe it is important to keep your login data, card, and smartphone safe from other people.

N26 Customer Service Update

We’re happy to note that the vast majority of N26 customers have successfully completed their account transfer to N26 Bank, and we appreciate your trust and continued confidence. We do want to acknowledge and apologize for the delays some of you have recently experienced in reaching (or receiving a response from) our customer support team, whether by email, chat, or phone, during this especially busy time. We aren’t at the level of support at the moment that we expect and that you deserve. We’re working hard to ramp up resources and to clear the backlog as soon as possible, and we appreciate your kind patience in the meantime. We have great things in store next year in terms of new products and services. Our best wishes during this busy time of year. Keep updates with new news, product updates and content published on N26 blog. Your N26 Team

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