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N26 x Techcrunch Disrupt

NUMBER26 has created Europe's first current account tailored to the needs of the smartphone user and brings an end to old interfaces, tedious account opening procedures and intransparent fees.

The European banks are showing a lack of innovation - online banking interfaces have not changed since the 1990s, in some cases mobile apps are non-existent, and hidden fees are prevalent. Old banks operate with outdated IT technology and expensive networks of branches - all at the expense of the customer.

We know that the banking branch of the future is the smartphone. NUMBER26 brings the bank account into the 21st century and offers a current account that is easily operated from one's smartphone. At the same time NUMBER26 provides several financial management tools as well as smart statistics These support the customers to stay in control of, organise and optimise their personal finances. Furthermore, the mobile app and the online banking interface include security features that old banks cannot offer their customers due to their outdated IT systems.

A brief overview:

  • Europe’s fastest account opening
    In less than six minutes your account can be opened online or via smartphone. Your identity is verified with a video conference call.
  • All transactions instantly on your smartphone
    Receive a push notification immediately after the expense takes place
  • Smart statistics
    Automatic clustering of all income and expenses, as well as an overview in clear graphs
  • Block/Unblock your card directly on your smartphone at any time
    Individual security settings allow you to always have full control over your current account and card via the mobile app
  • Send money to friends via e-mail/text
    Send money to friends easily with just one click

In addition to the usability advantages, the current account as well as the MasterCard is free of charge. This means that the customer can withdraw money from every ATM worldwide for free.

General Company Information:
Founders: Valentin Stalf, Maximilian Tayenthal
Founded: Beginning of 2013
Headquaters: Berlin
Team size: 18 employees
Investors: Axel Springer Plug and Play, Earlybird VC, Redalpine VC, various Angel Investors

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Logos and pictures can be found here Press contact: +49 (0) 30 364 28 68 80, press@number26.de

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