09 Februar 2016Technologie und Sicherheit

Hand in Hand mit neuen Technologien

Let's face it: sometimes cell phones get a bad rap. Couples ignore each other and stare at them. Teenagers can't put them down. People play with them in business meetings. All true, to an extent. But we wanted to remind ourselves of the positive sides of the mobile revolution. While we were researching the topic, we found a surprising gap in one aspect of the typical mobile experience. https://youtu.be/kCdyh0U-MQ8 We decided to look more closely at the ways in which the lives of citizens across Europe have been improved in some way by mobile devices. We launched quick online surveys in three of our larger markets (Germany, France and Spain) and – in order to see how an English-speaking market responds – in the UK. (our apologies to our many friends and users in Ireland- our quick survey tool simply didn't let us target Ireland for this exercise). Here's what we found: infographic-smartphone-englisch-2

We asked 1108 respondents residing in four countries, “What aspect of your life has your smartphone made better?” The answers spanned more than 18 distinct categories. The columns above represent the overall top 5 responses (plus banking, which was ranked #7 overall). The ranking table shows how each country’s respondents ranked those same answers.

We found that banking was only named by about 1 in 20 individuals. We’re here to change that!

What do you think about the smartphone? Help or hindrance? And has the financial sector already taken advantage of its full potential? Let us know in the comments.

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