23 März 2016Produkte & Features

Am Puls der Nutzer

Today we’re making your Number26 bank account even smarter. Our new PULSE26 feature brings  you a customised banking experience at your fingertips.

Technology provides so many new and exciting options for analyzing and understanding your saving and spending. At the end of the day, though, what’s most important is that your banking experience is relevant for you. That means you get the right tips and information at precisely the right moment.

With that in mind, we bring you PULSE26 – intelligent, customised alerts on your home screen. PULSE26 gives you quick and easy-to-understand updates based on your personal banking history.


Here are the three ways PULSE26 delivers personalised banking insights to you:

1. News You Can Use  

Whether it’s showcasing our latest feature or simply welcoming you to the app, PULSE26 speaks personally to you. Here is where you can find all the latest information about NUMBER26 products and services. So even if you missed the latest newsletter, it’s all right there for you in the app.  

2. Financial Analysis

A better overview of your spending through monthly reports - just another example of how PULSE26 uses analytics to help you understand your finances. Important to note: the more you use your account, the more accurate the analysis becomes.

3. Personal Insights

PULSE26 will also provide periodic, fun insights. In the first weeks after launching this feature we will start with your favourite spot – the restaurant that you visited most and where you used your NUMBER26 card. More interesting insights will follow soon!

Sounds good, right? And we’re just getting started. Remember that PULSE26 is an intelligent feature that improves based on how often you interact with it. So if the information is helpful or appealing to you, then click on the heart symbol so we know to send you more of this type of information.

We need your feedback

Our regular blog readers are near and dear to our hearts - probably because there’s not a group of customers that understand our product as well as you do. That’s why we’d be especially grateful to get your feedback on this feature. What type of analysis would you be interested in seeing? Want to know how you can reach your savings goals? Or would you be interested in a deep dive, down to the cent, into certain types of spending categories (take for example, travel)? We welcome your creative ideas. Just leave us a comment below.

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