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Business Advantages

  • Open your mobile business account within 8 minutes for free and completely online
  • Free N26 Business Mastercard and free account
  • 0,1% cashback on all your purchases with your Mastercard

Free Account

N26 Business is free to open online with no monthly fees. It’s the easiest business bank account to open if you’re a freelancer or you’re self-employed.

Business Mastercard

Same style and functionality as the original N26 Mastercard. Fair Use Policy for monthly ATM withdrawals applies.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You will use the account primarily for business purposes

  • You’re not already an N26 user
  • You reside in a country where N26 operates*

*Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia