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Designed around
your mobile lifestyle

Control and access your account, change your PIN, order a new card, and withdraw from any ATM.

Designed to
keep up with you

Send instant MoneyBeam transfers using only a phone number or email address, and get realtime notifications for every transaction.

Designed to
improve as you use

Get personalized updates, automatically categorized spending reports and customizable #tags to organize your transactions.

Support & Security

Our customer support is here by chat, phone and email, and N26 Bank has full regulatory protection by the Compensation Scheme of German Banks.

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Is my money protected at N26?

Every N26 account is guaranteed by the Compensation Scheme of German Banks up to €100.000.

What are the costs of having an N26 account?

The N26 bank account is free to open and free of account management fees. Minimum credit qualifications may apply. See N26 Pricing for more information.

Does my N26 Mastercard work everywhere or only in my home country?

The N26 Mastercard is accepted everywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard.